Protect You and Protect Others

Protect You and Protect Others

Together We Can Survive COVID-19

Our Solutions

We only offer tailored protective solutions for your business
Corporate & Office Space

Want to protect you and the colleagues in your team so your schedules and deadlines don’t have to be pushed back? We have a solution to keep yourself and your team safe.


Do you want people to appreciate your services and feel like they are home?  We have a solution to make it happen while keep the environment safe between you and them.

Public-Facing Labor & Services

Do you have intermittent to frequent contact with clients and team members throughout the day? We have a solution to keep yourself, your team, and your clients safe.

Rideshare & Delivery

Do you offer rideshare services or make deliveries to people throughout the day? We have a solution to protect yourself and who you do service for.


Is your business being affected by government ordinances that requires customers to wear masks? We have a solution that will work for yourself and your customers.

Food & Beverage

Do you want your patrons to know that they can trust and enjoy your food and beverage service? Practice with EverCare program! We have a solution for you and your patrons.

First Responders

People count on you because you serve them during the most difficult time. We appreciate your hard work but we also want you to get protected as well. We will get you the solution just for you.

Medical, Dental & Assisted Living

How to let those people know that their health is your priority and they are in good hands at all time? We have a solution for you and the people you help and care.

Health & Wellness

Is maintaining a healthy life a part of your everyday routine? We have a solution to keep you safe when you work out.  Check out the solution we create for you.

Our Brand

   A high quality brand that we crafted in PPE industry

Handpicked OEM Factories

All the OEM factories are selected by strict standards and inspected by our professional field specialists in order to bring up the high quality brand.


Yes. We support local/small businesses as much as possible. There are many kinds of discounts for local and small businesses.

Yes, you can return your order if you are not happy about our products. Restrictions may apply.

EverCare is a service that ensures you and your business ever be cared and protected by Evergreen. If you like our products, we can customize a delivery schedule specifically for you and your business so you will never run out of protection. Every delivery will be made on time under our EverCare service, and you can cancel the subscription any time when you no longer need it.

TWWC program is enrolled by Evergreen to help our community. If your business need support, our TWWC program will  give out free PPE package to protect your business from the pandemic. We will make available our love and care to every business, because that’s The Way We Care.