The ULTIMATE Protection
with Style

Get complete control over your surronding as you are geared up with a stylish, comfy KN95 respirator.

"Providing high-quality PPE to help businesses and people safely get through the COVID-19 pandemic."

Every Mask is made with solid material

LYNNWOOD premium KN95 masks are 5-layer high quality products with 2 active layers of 99-level melt-blown fabric for better protection. Elastic ear loops and adjustable metal nose pieces are designed for best comfort.

Protection and chic as one

Styled masks bring you protection and fashion at the same time.

tHE Protection is all in the details

LYNNWOOD KN95 masks are designed for better protection.

fall in love with our Products

You can reach out to us to get your tailored solution, just for you.

Protecting Your Business is our Mission Commitment Promise Priority